Site Reliability Engineer
We are searching for a specialist with a good mix of system and software engineering skills: DevOps with Developer mindset being able working closely with Dev team as well as operation teams. This role consists of 50% engineering, building, automation (Java/ Python/ Ruby), and 50% support responsibilities - monitoring, recovery, managing Linux environment, ITIL.

✔️ Deep expertise in AWS, Linux, Jenkins, programming (on a certain level), ITIL
✔️ Proficiency in Java programming language
✔️ Confident knowledge of AWS: EC2, ECS, Aurora MySQL, CodePipeline, Kinesis
✔️ Experience in Apache Tomcat
✔️ Experience in Active MQ/Rabbit MQ
✔️ Solace VMR (replaces Active/Rabbit MQ in AWS)
✔️ Experience in ElasticSearch
✔️ Experience in Oracle
✔️ Knowledge of MySQL
✔️ Single Sign-On (OnePass, SAML, AAA)
✔️ Familiarity with: Lambda, CloudFormation, Redis, RDS, VPC, S3
✔️ Agile/Scrum practices experience
✔️ Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate spoken English
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