Senior DevOps Engineer (AWS)
On this role, you will have an opportunity to join the managed service team working on maintenance and support of company's consumer reporting system that provides consumer reports to third parties for the purpose of credit risk assessment.

3+ years in IT overall, hands-on experience in systems engineering
✔️ Expertise in PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry), AWS or another cloud
✔️ Experience in PCF PaaS setup on vSphere, cloud environment (AWS + private cloud)
✔️ Proficiency in true Continuous Delivery implementation on a large scale
✔️ Experience in microservices tuning and resource management
✔️ Expertise in Jenkins pipelines management and tuning, system wide logging setup with Splunk
✔️ Advanced monitoring skills with App Dynamics, etc
✔️ Being a team player
✔️ Flexibility, fast learning skills
✔️ Good communication skills in English, both written and spoken

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