Solution Architect School in EPAM
Unique opportunity
May 18— September 7 / Lviv, Ukraine

We have only 3 seats for the best Java Developer in Lviv
Are you a Senior Java Developer? Have you already considered your next career move?
We want to offer you an exceptional opportunity.
Pass three interview stages and get a guaranteed spot in EPAM Solution Architect School
The three stages you need to pass to get your seat:
Register and send us your CV
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Pass 1st interview
Your first interview will be with a recruiter to determine your soft skills and English level
Pass 2nd interview
You will have a technical interview with a Java professional and Solution Architect who will determine your potential as a Solution Architect
Solution Architect School program
EPAM Solution Architecture School (SAS) is a four-month educational program, during which participants get an understanding of solution architecture and learn architecture practice, train design skills, and develop a wide vision of technologies and architecture patterns. Besides the "tech part," SAS is also a good chance for participants to improve their presentation and communication skills as well as their English.
Why you should care?
The program is based on the CEI course and provides both theory and practice in solution architecture, relevant activities, architectural practice and technology overview.
It is a four-month educational program of lectures and practical lessons that will give you a full picture of the Solution Architect's daily challenges and how to overcome them.
You will get an understanding of Business Architecture, Architectural Styles and Patterns, Modeling, Documentation, and Technology Domains (Cloud, Web and Mobile, Cache, Big Data, Data Streaming, AI, MOM, NoSQL, Search, Blockchain).

Within one week after applying, you will receive a confirmation email only if you are admitted.
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