for a top motor vehicle retailer in the UK
Our client is a top motor vehicle retailer in the UK, selling a huge range of car types at 150 franchised dealerships. It is growing multi-franchise dealer group which represents top volume and premium car manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland (listed on the London Stock Exchange).
The project is about implementation of a high loaded distributed system for supporting stock exchange processes with integration of 3rd parties and other services. This high loaded even-driven system is based on micro-services and hosted in Azure Cloud (PaaS).
If you are interested in researching and applying complex technical solutions, this project will be a good and challenging environment for you (both technically and from tech/team leadership career perspective).


  • 2+ years of experience with Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with PowerShell
  • Familiar with CI/CD Bamboo
  • Experience with deployment WebApplications
  • Familiar with MSBuild
  • Experience with SQL Administration
  • Good spoken and written English
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