Build Engineer for motor vehicle retailer company
If you are interested in researching and applying complex technical solutions in Azure, this project will be a good and challenging environment for you (both technically and from career perspective).

The project is about implementation of a high loaded distributed system for supporting stock exchange processes with integration of 3rd parties and other services. This high loaded even-driven system is based on micro-services and hosted in Azure Cloud (PaaS). The tasks include rich integration with 3rd parties, CDNs, the support of balance loading, CM\CD servers with high availability and replication, CI/CD infrastructure with automated build, code checking and tests running.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microservices
  • CQRS architecting approach
  • Azure Service Bus, State Machine, Mass Transit & Saga
  • MS Build/Deploy
  • TeamCity
  • Azure WebApp and PaaS
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