Solution Architecture Club Gathering
February 21, 18:30 |
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We are pleased to invite you to the meetup for technical leads, architects and those who are interested in growing in architecture as the next step.
It is a good opportunity for professional discussion and networking.
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February, 21 |

"Deployment Platform for Connected Vehicles (IoT in Automotive Industry)"
Sergey Prokofiev, Solution Architect @EPAM
I will describe my experience in architecture of the vehicles connectivity platform for the automotive industry. The solution prototype was presented on CES conference in Las Vegas in Jan, 2019.
The platform consists of a core which is installed in head units of modern cars and a cloud back-end. It allows secure downloading, deploying and running applications in the cars like in smartphones.
The list of installed applications might be dynamically changed per car/owner/driver.
The cloud back-end is designed to be cloud agnostic as long as it is ready to handle millions of cars online.
19:00 – 20:00
"Microservices Delivery Platform Case Study"
Andriy Trubitsyn, Solution Architect @EPAM
There are many ways of utilizing microservices in various companies. It's quite easy to find a lot of articles about microservices in the Internet. However, let's talk about other delivery and development details which significantly help to achieve success in this field. In the case study we will discuss an example of a microservices delivery platform and its different aspects
20:30 – 21:30
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